Colored Porcelain


Our wide collection of Colored Porcelain dinnerware are made exquisitely to increase your pleasure while you are enjoying a delicious meal of fruits, nuts, warm soup, or maybe to display your different tasty dips.  Chic Colored Porcelain of red and yellow, black and white are brought to you by Porceletta to suit your taste and quench your appetite by its magical touch that can complement any table set and add life to it.

Porcelain wares are definitely a wise choice that tend to be finer quality than other tableware materials due to their special manufacturing process. Porcelain finish tends to be harder in texture and healthier to use whether for cold or hot meals at home or at office. Our collection of Colored Porcelain are impeccably processed and would always be a clever choice for their strength and usefulness.

Colored Porcelain practicality makes them an excellent choice as well, they are microwave and dishwasher safe and they combine Porceletta’s main attributes of innovation, design, and durability in their form and style.

Check our wide collection of Colored Porcelain products and choose between different shapes, colors, and sizes to create or complement your own set of beautiful table and dinnerware.