Table Accessories


Our wide collection of Table Accessories from Dubai, KSA, Oman, and Qatar from Porceletta, are a piece of art tableware that would add an aesthetic touch to your table, reflecting a refined high taste and tendency to perfection.

We bring great ideas of table accessories to suit all tastes where there is always a place for perfect people! From different sizes and shapes of sugar pots and condiment sets to salt & pepper sets, soup spoons, graters, napkin holders, cake stands, to vases, ashtrays, and many more, beautiful porcelain table accessories that would always quench appetites and bring beauty all around.


Enjoy chic porcelain table accessories and products fitted to suit all your events and special occasions while enjoying genuine porcelain quality with their even white or ivory glaze and smooth to the touch feeling while very lustrous to the eye.

Porceletta’s porcelain particularly combine exceptional attributes of novelty, design, and durability, granting you beautiful table accessories that would serve you years and years to come, always with a choice to add extra pieces and enjoy magnificence every time.