Pasta, Soup & Deep Plates


For those of you who appreciate fine innovative plates, Porceletta’s pasta, soup and deep plates allow your fine savory meals to stand out as an ideal choice for your table.

Synonymous with quality, excellence, and innovation, each piece of our pasta, soup, and deep plates is crafted with care and devotion to bringing you the excellent easy to handle porcelain. Our attention to detail while creating your stunning collection of pasta, soup, and deep plates is second to none.

Cheerful and sophisticated, yet packed with a sophisticated personality all of its own, our pasta, soup and deep plates set the scene for a kitchenware collection that could definitely take you someplace else while you’re still in your kitchenette.

Because culinary art must be filled with exotic distinctive experiences, Porceletta aims to offer you useful, simple yet unique collections of pasta, soup and deep plates that can easily enter your everyday life, so that joy and satisfaction can be found in your own kitchen.

Our wonderful range of pasta, soup, and deep plates focus on the humbleness of ceramics and its intriguing ability to pass round all the positive energy, helping you create the perfect table ambiance you desire. Available in Dubai, KSA, Oman, and Qatar.